Matt Nacy (Owner/Head Coach)

Matt is a professional firefighter/paramedic, Licensed Protection Specialist, Level I and II Certified CrossFit Instructor,CrossFit Kettle Bell Instructor,CrossFit Olympic Weight Lifting Certification, TriggerPoint Performance Therapy certified, NRA basic pistol instructor, ACA certified Standup Paddle Board instructor and fight background includes: Boxing, Krav Maga, Haganah, Jiu-jitsu, and Israeli tactical knife fighting. 

Kari Nacy (Co-Owner/Coach)
Kari is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor and certified in TriggerPoint Performance Therapy. Kari is also CPR/AED, and First Aid Certified. Kari enjoys seeing members achieve what they never thought they could and more. Also having just had a baby, Kari can design safe fitness programs for expectant moms, as well as helping those postpartum get their pre-baby bodies back. CrossFit is truly an amazing fitness program. 

Heather Black (Coach)
Heather is a competitive triathlete and marathon runner.While training for her first Ironman in 2008, she attended the CrossFit endurance seminar to improve her running form. After seeing immediate benefits with improved running form, she started taking CrossFit classes to supplement her training with high intensity workouts. Heather is the running coach at CrossFit Tyson's Corner, and focuses on form with running and all other skills.

Heather is a physical therapist, conditioning and strength certified specialist, Newton Natural Running Certified, CrossFit Endurance certified.

Ray Thomas (Coach)
Ray is a CrossFit Level 1 instructor and is certified in CrossFit Olympic Lifting.  He started training in CrossFit in 2009 and was immediately hooked on the variety and overall effectiveness.  As a CrossFit trainer, Ray enjoys helping others gain more confidence, enthusiasm, strength, and fitness as they progress in their own CrossFit journeys.  

Marcus Lowther (Coach)
Marcus is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit Instructor, after beginning CrossFit training in 2008 when he was looking for something that could combine running and lifting in a more effective way.
With a family history of diabetes and heart troubles, Marcus is interested in getting people healthy and fit, but at the same time, with a brother who is an Army Sapper, Marcus knows that beyond just being fit, the body is capable of amazing things.
Marcus' ambition is to see just what his and the people he coaches' bodies are capable of, while having fun and tracking the results. A high school track and tennis athlete, Marcus continues to run in races around the area, and is eager to continue gaining and sharing knowledge about CrossFit Endurance and gymnastics techniques.

Robin Joss (Coach)
Robin Joss has been an avid CrossFitter since 2009. She has enjoyed the benefits of CrossFit such as increased energy and strength, weight loss, decreased joint pain, and overall confidence.  Robin is a former high school Biology and PE instructor, ICU cardiac nurse, LPN clinical instructor, Pulmonary Rehab nurse specialist, and is currently a food writer and recipe developer at   She loves to travel but is not a tourist, read but only well written books, and cook but not do the dishes. She believes health is one's greatest asset and it therefore must be nurtured with a deliciously healthy diet and wicked hard WODs. Robin desires to help clients achieve their best level of fitness and health so that they may live out their dreams.

Jon Torres (Coach)
CrossFit Level 1 Certified