For 6 months my husband encouraged me to join CrossFit with him, but I felt a bit intimidated by the workouts. Flipping truck tires, climbing cargo nets, and throwing a weighted ball sounded really hard (and crazy). In Fall of 2009 while demonstrating a pushup to my students, I fell flat on my face- I could not do one! The next day I was in CrossFit. Every exercise was modified to compensate for my fitness level, prior injuries, and my range of motion. I started slow and low and now I can do numerous types of exercises with an endurance that I had never obtained in other fitness programs. I am experiencing decreased headaches and neck pain, better range of motion in my shoulder, and wearing my skinny clothes again. The support at the gym has been fantastic and I could not be where I am today without the CF gang cheering me on. CrossFit is now my way of life.-- Robin

I started CrossFit in August 2009 because I needed to kick my work outs up a notch. The workouts are still difficult, but I have found that the more I stick with it, the more manageable they become. I am in the best shape I've been in since college and I have noticed improvements in running and weight lifting. The collegial atmosphere in the gym allows everyone, including people that have never touched a weight in their life, to become stronger and get in excellent shape.—Jeff

I joined CrossFit Tyson’s Corner in May 2009 in search of way to regain my athletic ability, drop some weight, and improve my functional strength. Prior to joining the gym 5 years of college and 6 months of a desk job had given me more than enough opportunity to abuse my health and unfortunately I gladly took advantage of it. In January of 2009 I weighed just over 250 lbs and I finally decided it was time to take some control. After 4 months of “self training” at my apartment gym I was left with very little results and even more frustration. When I finally walked through the doors at CTC I was 245lbs and eager for some results. Just over a year later I have more than found the results I was looking for. I am currently down to 210lbs, my stamina has vastly improved, I have increased my strength in every lift, my core/functional strength has also improved, and most importantly I have made a lot of friends along the way!

Honestly, I can’t thank CrossFit Tyson’s Corner or the members, who I consider all my friends, enough. Every day I look forward to coming to the gym for the workout of the day and I’m actually usually pretty disappointed on the days I can’t make it in. How many people can say that about their gym? I’m not going to pretend that the results I’ve had came easy because they didn’t, CTC pretty much kicks my butt every time I come in, but the results can be duplicated by anyone willing to put in the hard work and CrossFit Tyson’s Corner is a great place to do it!
Extra Ab Workout Anyone?!?--Drew

When I moved to the DC area in fall of 2008, I wanted to try some new activities and meet some new people. After going to the gym on my own since college, I read about CrossFit in Muscle & Fitness and attempted one of the workouts on my own (I tried to see how many pull-ups I could do to attempt the filthy 50 and didn't make it past that first exercise). After this ridiculously humbling failure and feeling ridiculous jumping on boxes and requesting jump ropes at the gym on other days, I figured there was a better way.

I started at CFTC in September 2008 and have seen some inspiring results. I've been amazed at how little extra effort I've had to put in to run a 10 miler and a half marathon this year. I've increased my bench and dead lift maxes more this year than my last 3 years of going to the gym. And exercises like handstand push-ups and rope climbs, which seemed impossible a year ago are now a part of a normal workout. I can't say enough about the great lifestyle changes and encouragement a gym like this one gives.--Marcus