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Bench Press
If Time: Tabata Abs 8 rounds
CrossFit and Nutrition
"You can't out train poor nutrition!"
Talking about nutrition can be almost as dangerous as talking religion or politics, everyone has an opinion and in some cases, a strong one.  So here is a brief overview about the dietary trends happening with CrossFitters around our nation...
The Good- here is the good stuff...
1. Proteins- meat, seafood, eggs
2. Fruit
3. Vegetables- tubers, or the potato family are pure starch, go carefully with them
4. Nuts (not peanuts) and Seeds
5. Healthy Oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, ghee (clarified butter), avocado oil
6. Water and lots of it
The Bad? Say what??  Grains, legumes, dairy and sugar have everybody all up in everybody's faces!
1. Grains- That means bread, pastas, cereals, granola, and some desserts, like cupcakes.  Gluten containing grains are getting a bad rap as scientists are finding gluten is not such a good thing as it  causes intestinal problems among other things.  This has some CrossFitters either going all grain-free (paleo diet), or only eating gluten free grains such a rice, oats, and quinoa. 
2. Legumes- This is your bean family including peanuts. This group, to keep it very basic, has a high glycemic index, which means they spike your blood sugar very quickly.  CrossFitters who follow the paleo lifestyle will avoid all legumes. Others will look to legumes that offer a lower glycemic index such as lentils. As for the green beans some will allow green beans, sugar snaps, peas and snow peas in moderation- these little guys are full of sugar, so treat them as such.
3. Dairy- Here is another touchy topic. CrossFitters following the paleo lifestyle will avoid all dairy, while folks who are more primal (Mark Sisson) will allow for  dairy as long as it is  raw, pasture-raised, and all organic.    Some find balance in this section if they can tolerate dairy and enjoy some dairy in their daily diets- such a organic yogurts (great probiotics), and good quality un-processed cheeses (that yellow stuff in the plastic wrappers is not real cheese), as well as milk and butter. There are coconut milk and nut milk products that are good subs, but beware of fillers like starch and sugars. 
4. Sugar and all its forms, like high fructose corn syrup, table sugar, honey and maple syrup.  These are all sugar, some less processed than the next but still all cause havoc on our bodies from inflammation, joint pain, energy level swings, aging, diabetes, and obesity.   Limit obvious and hidden sugars from your daily diet and you will notice a change in your body, pain levels, weight, and mood. 
We would like to leave this controversial area of grains, legumes, sugar and dairy up to our own athletes, but when our athletes do eat clean and avoid the above foods, or even greatly limit them, they notice weight loss, better performance at the gym, improved sleep and energy.   A good place to start answering some of your questions is
The Ugly- you can argue until you are blue in your face, but none of the following foods are good for you and are to be avoided. This is just the short list. Start here and you are on your way to a healthier you.   AVOID...
1.  Foods containing hydrogenated oils. Esp. margarine and Crisco, and other "butter" spreads. 
2.  Artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives.
3.  Sodas, diet sodas, and energy drinks.
4.  Processed meats containing nitrates and nitrites and other fillers like salt, preservatives, and sugar.
5.  Fast foods and fried foods.

Here is the long list if you are looking into a cleaner diet.  Eliminate SAD the Standard American Diet.

What if I do not eat this way?
Most of our members who have tried or continue to live by the paleo/primal/or zone lifestyle have enjoyed better sleep, less cravings, weight loss, more PRs, more energy, clearer skin, stronger nails and hair, more endurance, and less mood swings.  Each has their own story.  If you do not eat a clean diet you may  be experiencing poor training, sleep, energy, endurance, or minimal PRs. You may have poor skin and dull hair, and breaking nails. You may be having other symptoms like increased blood pressure or blood glucose levels. You may also be having mood swings, depression, poor digestion, poor circulation, joint pain, or overall ill health. Or the big one, you are over-weight and are struggling to lose it.  By all means, get checked out by your physician, but also give clean eating a try, and always WOD on. 

80% of your wellness is diet. Eat well you and you will live well.   

Our coaches are here to answer your questions, share their own experiences, and point you towards the latest science about nutrition. 

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