Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday WOD

Hang Power Cleans
Shoulder Press

Yay! Heather Hanks PR'd her shoulder press! She is up 10 pounds from the beginning of summer.
How is your CrossFit Total Challenge going?

In CF Total Challenge Nutrition News
Week 1: Give up sugar in all forms, other than fruit of course
Week 2:  Avoid grains but if you must have some, try gluten free grains like oatmeal and rice.
Week 3:  Eat Snot.  It's green.  Ok, kidding. Just seeing if anyone reads this stuff.  
Avoid processed foods, like fast foods, foods in packages, and items containing preservatives, additives, and artificial colors and flavors.  

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store filling your cart with whole foods.

That's all for today!
You are what you eat (or don't eat;)

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