Friday, August 2, 2013

CrossFit Total Challenge Update!

Let the countdown begin...

We will be concluding the CrossFit Total Summer Challenge with another CFTC CrossFit Total on Wednesday, August 21st*. That's 19 days left to rest-up, paleo-up, or WOD-up--whatever your challenge goal has been. That Wednesday is your chance to show all the progress you've made during these six and a half weeks. We've already seen some great strength and WOD gains in a lot of athletes, so keep stretching and lifting.

There will also be a chance to test out your 400m speed progress this coming Wednesday, August 7th. Bring those running shoes, and keep up the great work!

*If you're not at the gym that day, you're welcome to make up the lifts the following day or whenever you get back in town. Just mention your schedule to a coach.

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