Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday WOD

Partner WOD!

As Many Cards as Possible (AMCAP)
20 Minutes:

Clubs: Clean (Hang) and Jerk (115/80)
Spades: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (115/80)
Diamonds: Deck Squat Burpees
Hearts: Handstand Push-Ups

Aces, 2's: Net Climb each CF
Joker's: Short Lap Run each CF
  • Face cards count for 10 reps
  • Choose a card: Each CF does the number of reps corresponding to the suit and value of the card while the other CF rests. Example: 5 of Clubs - CF1 does 5 clean and jerks while CF2 rests, then switch
  • Partners can alternate reps as needed
  • Net climb and Run completed at same time
  • Each team keeps a pile of their cards. Whichever team can make the best poker hand at the end of 20 minutes chooses a penalty for the other team. Losing teams do full penalty reps, winning team does 1/2 the penalty reps

Number of cards to beat from the morning class is 15 cards! (Shout-out to Kori who did the WOD twice, like a beast.)

Happy Friday!

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