Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kiss Kiss for a Cause...

Friday,  Dec 20th at 7:00pm at CFTC

Hey CFTC- Join us for our Annual Christmas Party!
Bring a Main Dish to share and a $10-$15 wrapped Evil Santa gift (so much fun!)
Everyone welcome: plus ones, sig others, family, friends, and in Kari's case, seahorses;)

Also come generous!
Get kissed under the "Mistletoestobar" a good old fashioned
Kissing/Photo Booth to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.  
Pose, kiss, or T2B under the mistletoe and give, give, give generously to help
out our vets in need.  We will have a donation box at the gym.

Start snapping those pics NOW.  For all social media pics please use these hashtags:
#mistletoestobar  #woundedwarriorproject #igave #CFTC

Let the sharing begin!

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