Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday WOD

Partner WOD
"CF Open 13.1 Partner WOD"

As Many Reps as Possible in 20 Minutes
Get as far as you can with the following movements
40 Partner burpees*
60 Ground to overhead+ (75/45)
30 Partner burpees
50 Ground to overhead (115/70)
20 Partner burpees
40 Ground to overhead (135/90)
10 Partner burpees
As many reps as possible Ground to overhead (165/105)

*Partner burpee is when one partner holds plank and the other does a burpee, jumping over their partner. Similar to a bar-facing burpee except with your partner acting as the bar. For first round, each partner does 20 burpees
+Ground to overhead can be power snatch or power clean + jerk. Attempt to snatch for first round. One partner works while the other rests. Reps can be divided unevenly as long as each partner does at least 20 reps for the first round, 16 reps for the second round, etc.

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