Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday WOD

Back Squat
Bench Press

Train Like an Alpha
When I married Dan, I became his Rottweiler's human. In order to be alpha, I needed to take over the her daily training to let her know who was boss.  Most days her 100 pound frame, eating my bras, hairbands, and shoes, and pooping in the same spot on the carpet told me I would need to move out very soon.  Don't get me wrong, I exercised her daily, played fetch and frisbee, took her on long walks, but she remained the same untrained dog.  So I had to change. 

I had to be serious, dedicated, and repetitive, and   
I had to introduce a stress to get a response. 

This is the same for CrossFit. CrossFit is excellent exercise that will keep you fit, increase your endurance, often help you loose weight, help increase confidence, and expose your body to different movements from one WOD to the next. But are you training? Look at the goals you wrote on the board for 2014, are you serious, dedicated, and repetitive toward achieving those goals? Are you introducing enough stress to get the desired response?  I had to train Diamond several times a day (frequency was a stress) to get the desired outcome- a trained dog and the status of alpha human.  Take your goals, take them seriously, work on them multiple times per week with a tenacious dedication, even if it means cutting back on some WODs (gasp!) in order to achieve your goals. If you want to get 5 pull-ups, you cannot daily only do three, there has to be an increased stress to get a desirable response- that is training. CrossFit=exercise. Achieving your 2014 goals=training. Comprende? Capiche? 

My goal this year is to race (SUP), at least 4 times, and it would be cool to win (OK I'll settle for knocking 15 minutes off my 5K time). So here is how I have to train... increase my lifting days from 2 days to 3 starting on the Starting Strength Novice level (remember strength is the foundation of speed, power, agility, etc), gain at least 5-10 pounds (a bigger me is a stronger me), and get on the river at least 2-3 times per week. What'll this do to my WODs? Practically erases them. I'll WOD when I can't get on the river.  CrossFit helped me last year to endure and finish a race but will not help me win: paddling, improving form, and adding strength will. And a sweet new board wouldn't hurt either. 

Ask the coaches how we can help you train to achieve your goals. After we exercise of course.

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