Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday WOD

Partner Workout

Part A) 100m burpee broad jump - together

Part B) P1 - 200m run
P2 - AMRAP lateral jump overs 3 rounds

Part C) P1 - TGU's 3R/3L,
P2 - tire hops - jump in forward, jump out forward, jump in forward jump out to left, jump in forward jump out to right then repeat - 3 rounds

Part D) P1 - shoulder tap push ups x10 reps,
P2 - AMRAP ski jumpers - 3 rounds

Part E) P1 scissor jumps 20 reps
P2 - grasshoppers - 3 rounds

rest 1 minute between parts

1 comment:

MIke said...

Its harder than it looks...great workout.