Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 CrossFit Open!

Register here and select "CrossFit Tyson's Corner" affiliate

Looking for a challenge in 2014?
If you've ever channel surfed by ESPN or ESPN2, seen the CrossFit Games and wondered how the participants get a chance to make it there, the very first part of the process is the CrossFit Open. From late February through March, a few members from CrossFit Tysons will be participating in the Open, which is a chance to see where your fitness compares to other CrossFitters around the region and globe. Even for new gym members, every workout will have a component that's doable.

CrossFit Open Basics
The basics of the Open are as follows:
  • 5 workouts, with one workout performed for a score each week
  • Workouts are very similar to this one, which we've done in the past
  • Register here to create a profile (small fee of $20) and select "CrossFit Tyson's Corner" affiliate
  • If you just want to do the workouts without registering, send me an email (it really would be easier to just register ;) )
  • First workout announced February 27, 2014
  • Workouts can be scaled, but usually have progressing levels of difficulty, the further into the workout you get
  • Beginning in early February we'll go over some sample workouts and scoring standards to get you comfortable with the workouts
  • If you really think you are in the top 100 CrossFitters in this area, then video submissions are needed.

Who should sign up?
Everyone. OK, not everyone but if anything below sparks your interest, you should sign up:
  • You've thought about doing in the past but just never signed up
  • You haven't made a fitness goal for 2014 and are curious
  • You want to prove to your cousin/friend/arch enemy who does CrossFit that you're better than them
  • You want to be Rich Froning Jr.
After you register, a CFTC coach (probably Marcus) will send out some more details on when workouts will be scored, etc. It's a fun chance to suffer enjoy some workouts together and challenge yourself. You'll be surprised how much some competition can drive you.

What if I have absolutely no interest?
No worries. Gym programming will continue as normal. Feel free to cheer on your gym-mates who will be participating though!

Register here and select "CrossFit Tyson's Corner" affiliate

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