Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday WOD

Shoulder Press

Members are all ready aggressively working toward their 2014 fitness goals. Are you?
I have not posted mine, but have a few bouncing around my brain. One for sure is I will be taking the Starting Strength Level 1 course next weekend in Norfolk, to improve not only my own lifts, but yours too.  

A little behind the scenes here at CFTC is that our coaches are constantly learning, reading, trying new sports, and taking classes.  It is not uncommon for us to receive videos from Matt and Kari on movements and lifts.  Between all of us the amount of nutrition and fitness books would astound you. If you have fitness or nutrition goals that need a little push, talk to the coaches. We are a diverse group with varying specialties and will be sure to get you the help you need.  

That is the most important part of being successful in achieving your goals.
You! must attend CrossFit for it to work.
You! must make the coaches aware of any past or current injuries and modify. 
You! must understand that recovery and sleep are just as important as the WOD itself.
You! must be willing to make dietary changes.
You! must introduce yourself, joke around, and hang out with us, because we are cool. 
Are You! in?

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